The Sales Profile

Improve your sales conversions, profit and become the sales professional you desire by avoiding mission-critical failures.

Our online tool, the award-winning Sales Profile is used by companies around the world to assess the sales skills of their key frontline sales staff. It clearly identifies proficiency in 13 sales skills that are associated with high performance in a sales role.

13 Sales Skill And The Drive To Succeed

The Sales Profile has been used by individuals, as well as small and large companies worldwide since 1998 and identifies your strengths and weaknesses in a sales / sales management role. This profile is easy to read, interpret and understand and will help all aspects of your sales processes. The Sales Profile is used globally as a benchmarking tool, specialising in assessing the skills of sales staff involved in frontline sales.

Once completed, The Sales Profile gives really useful feedback about;

  • Selling Skills
  • Drive To Succeed
  • Areas of Weakness
  • Individual Training Needs
It profiles 13 traits linked with high performance in a sales role. Specifically, it tells you what's working… and what isn't.

And it clearly identifies coaching targets and generates practical recommendations about what to do next.

Applicable For All Sales Industries

No matter your size or marketplace, all sales people benefit from proper preparation and training. The Sales Profile allows you to see exactly where you are, and what you need to adjust in order to thrive in sales.

With our guidance, using the tools provide, together, we'll be able to have your training plan mapped out ahead of you and using it you'll soon find the untapped abilities and the potential to improve.