Giving You A Greater Insight Into Skills and Motivation

The benefits of having staff with the right skills, in the correct roles, and properly motivated, extend way beyond the working day. Relationships at home, quality of life, and our general day-to-day happiness are all transformed by our satisfaction with work. Moreover, this is true regardless of rank, role or salary.

Our suite of profiles are industry tested, easy to complete, and offer an un-rivalled amount of insight, clearly identifying strengths, opportunities and training needs. They are the tools you need to help you understand, measure, and maximise motivation and performance in the workplace, whether it be your own, or that of your team.

Teams-based Profiling and Training

There is a difference between employing a group, and employing a team. Team members need to learn how to help one another, help other members realise their potential, and create an environment to allow everyone to go beyond his or her limitations. With our team-based profiles you can generate performance greater than the sum of the performance of the individual members.

The Leadership Profile

We offer award winning business leadership profiling and coaching for business owners & managers. All too often we discover that clients are busy-not-productive doing tasks that are not a good use of time. A key feature of our Leadership Profile is the ability to identify this and raise both the productivity and accountability of staff throughout all levels of the business.

More Than Just Profiles

Just knowing someone's skills and motivations isn't enough, and we recognise that. We offer training and consultancy packages to help you and your team every step of the way. Our goal is simple, to enable you to achieve sustainable change, improving your workplace culture, maximising capability and delivering better business results for the least personal cost.

Performance = Skills x Motivation

As experts in the study of skills and motivation we work with business leaders, managers, employers and individuals, helping them understand, measure, and maximise, skills, training, and motivation in the workplace. Recognising that this is the absolute key to enjoying health, happiness, and fulfilment, both inside and outside the workplace.

Benefits For Life

When a person is in the wrong job there is unhappiness, de-motivation, frustration, and apathy. Conversely, when we are happy, motivated and fulfilled at work, we tend to take those feelings home with us. The benefits of being in the right job and having a happy and fulfilling career go way beyond our working day. Relationships at home, quality of life and personal power are all greatly enhanced.

Not Just A Quick Fix

As experts in the fields of motivation and skills training, it is our mission to work closely with individuals, employers & employees, helping them to fully recognise that identifying training needs and motivators is key to achieving impactful, sustainable change.