Motivational Map

When we are motivated and fulfilled at work, we tend to take those feelings home with us. The benefits of being in the right job and having a happy and fulfilling career go way beyond our working day.

Conversely, a lack of motivation in our work brings inefficiency, low levels of performance, reduced self belief and a poor self image, low morale, unhappiness, frustration, and apathy. In turn, these negative feelings are most often taken home from the office or work place with us and have an impact on our family life. As a result, relationships with spouse, children, parents and friends are damaged.

Improve your staff motivation and watch your business thrive

Performance in any organisation depends upon the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation. Here at JabaJaba, we can provide the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these three to manage and sustain — Motivation.

The Motivational Map, is an on-line diagnostic tool which provides an accurate ten page report allowing us to help people understand their own individual ‘Internal Motivational’ Drivers. From this report we can clearly identify just what they really need from their work to be happy and fulfilled.

Collecting vital information shouldn't be a chore

Starting with a straightforward questionnaire, individuals can complete it in minutes. 92% of surveyed users found it easy to complete. The tool automatically analyses responses and generates clear and easy to understand reports, that reveals each person's key motivators, and their level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters. 95% of surveyed users said their ‘map’ accurately described their personal motivators, and 97% found the information in their personalised report useful.